5 Tips For Moving Day For Rental Property Owners

5 Tips For Moving Day For Rental Property Owners

Moving day – an exciting day, and a busy day for rental property owners! We’ve put together a list of 5 tips for how rental property owners can prepare for a smooth moving day.

1. Keep On Track With Maintenance And Repairs

Between move-ins is the best time to do a full maintenance check on necessities like plumbing and electrical systems so that you can ensure they are up to standard.
Many tenants will not report small issues like a leaky faucet or cracks in the drywall because they don’t see them as important. However, these “small” issues could lead to expensive repairs later if leaks get worse or cracks get bigger. While preventative maintenance should be a part of your ongoing property management plan, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of tenant turnover to do a thorough inspection.

2. Schedule Your Move-Out Inspections Early

This is so you can catch any issues before the new tenant moves in and have enough time to remedy them.
You should always expect some wear and tear after people have been living in a unit. Carpet wear or mild stains aren’t considered damage but large holes, rips or “home improvement” projects could be an issue. Be sure to schedule them in advance so that you have the proper time to address any potential issues or concerns.

3. Create A Great Move-In Day Experience For Your Tenants

A simple way to do this is by helping them settle in. You can also give them a brief orientation, show them how to make maintenance requests and let them know how they can contact you if there’s a problem. Taking the time to do this will make them feel welcome and save both parties headaches in the future.

4. Make Payments Easy

An online tenant portal is crucial for easy payments! It allows for time savings and is a convenient solution for both tenants and rental owners. Consider using a rental management software for centralized rent collections.

Most rent collection software’s still allow tenants to be able to send payments in the form of electronic cheques, credit cards or cash. Providing a more convenient payment method will get payments to you faster. Even better, it could reduce the number of late or missed payments.

5. Prepare The Unit For Move-In

Schedule the unit for cleaning, painting, and sanitizing before a new tenant moves in. You may need to hire different teams for this process.
You’ll need a cleaning crew to deep clean the unit – this can include tasks like wiping out drawers and cabinets or shampooing the carpet. You may also need a painting crew to put on a fresh coat of paint without dripping it on the floors and seamlessly painting around trim and baseboards.

If you find yourself far too busy to accomplish all this but are still committed to giving your tenants the best experience, it may be time to hire a property manager.

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